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Personal portfolio, full stack web app

About the project:

willcarh.art, as you can see, is my personal website. I use it to host my porfolio, as well as my blog.

The front end of willcarh.art is written with the usual HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and utilizes Bootstrap 4 and some jQuery to make it look nice.

The back end, which I generally enjoy writing more, is a Django app (Python), which accesses a PostgreSQL database. The website is deployed via Heroku.

Technology used:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Javascript, jQuery, Django, PostgreSQL, Python, Heroku

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If you'd like to see a demo of willcarh.art, just look around 😉

Key Features

Full stack excellency

Despite seeming like a few simple web pages, willcarh.art is a full-stack web app. The three separate apps are: home, projects, and blog.

Django under the hood

Being a bit of a Pythonista, I wrote the backend for willcarh.art in Python using the Django framework. This makes it easy to abstract the front- and back-ends from each other.

Putting the micro in microservices

There are many chores to be done with running a website. That's why willcarh.art outsources some of its tasks to its microservices. These services include:

  • The Scribe (writes to the database)
  • The Herald (sends emails)
  • The Locksmith (encrypts secrets)
  • The Maid (cleans the database)
  • The Chronicler (updates the manifest)

All written in Python by yours truly! Checkout their code and read more about them here.