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A platform for showcasing your software hobby projects

About the project:

I think there's an unfortunate stereotype that often surrounds software development. Many characterize coding as a purely technical discipline, reserved for the nerdy and erudite. However, I think coding can be expressive, fun, and creative. You can create anything you can imagine, from complex web applications to beautiful front-end designs.

That's why I created Soliloquy, as a place for hackers and software enthusiasts to showcase their passion projects and promote Software-as-a-Hobby. The word soliloquy means the act of speaking one's thoughts aloud regardless of any hearers, which fits the purpose of Soliloquy aptly.

Technology used:

Python, Django, Heroku, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap 4, Javascript, Travis CI

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Soliloquy is deployed over at Head on over there to get a live demo of Soliloquy!

If you'd like to learn more about Soliloquy's automated PR chatbot, the Friendly Committer, take a look at the related blog post, or read some of it's source code.

Soliloquy was born out of a passion for creating software without the explicit purpose of it being sold as a product. If you'd like to add one of your projects to Soliloquy, please do! Here are the instructions for contributing.